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Our next Member's Only call will be on November 6th.  Nick Owens from the Magnolia Strategy Group will be joining us to update all members on the latest events at the Federal level.


Call details will be sent to members prior to the event.


If you have any questions or concerns about the call please contact us at

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At the AFSLR, we take consumer complaints very seriously.  


If you have any problem about the service you received or any other matter relating to any member of the

AFSLR, we will contact the company and encourage them to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible.  


We will get back to you shortly and let you know how we have addressed yor concerns.


Please email us at with your complaint.

Thanks for visiting our website.  The AFSLR exists as an entity to educate companies that are currently in the student relief industry on the various issues of regulatory compliance, as well as the various products and services that might be out there.  When it comes to government consolidation programs, we strongly endorse the National Consumer Law Center's guideline that no student loan relief company should ever hold ANY government program to be one of their own.  This is misleading to the consumer and should not be a part of any reputable company's sales tactics.  We also encourage all companies, whether they are members of AFSLR or not, to become more educated on the various relief options that are available to consumers.  Everyone's situation is unique and must be treated as such.


Additionally, we highly recommend any prospective borrower or anyone searching for more infomration on student loan relief to visit either or to find more free information about what your options might be.  Both are wonderful resources.  Please be informed and know your options.



AFSLR Training and Certification Standard is now available for Members and Non-Members alike. 




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